The Vitality´s Purblonde blonde hair product line of home care products is ideal for maintaining blonde hair colors at home. The products are specially designed to prolong the treatment results of glowing, shiny, clean blonde hair results.
The texture of blonde hair is fine and delicate. If the hair is dyed lighter or bleached, it tends to become dry, porous, in poor condition, and cloudy. Porous hair attracts dirt and unwanted pigment changes. Repeated washing may change the color of the hair to an unwanted color. Care for blonde hair is therefore especially important to care for products that do not burden them more. Purblonde products are caring and acidic and keep your hair shiny and moisturized until the next color.
-PHYTOKERATIN. All Purblond products contain PHYTOKERATIN, which is derived from hemp and rice. Fully plant-based, phytokeratin replaces traditional keratin while guaranteeing the same effects.
Phytokeratin helps improve hair elasticity and strength.

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Vitality´s Purblond Brightening Serum

The product is available.
Delivery weight: 250 g

Vitality's PurBlond shampoo

The product is available.
Delivery weight: 350 g

Vitality´s Purbond hair mask

The product is available.
Delivery weight: 300 g