FILLER - hair strengthening products

Vitality´s Intensive Aqua Filler treatment with an effect that strengthens the hair structure and gives it a thickness.

Vitality's research team has developed a new Filler Intensive Aqua product family. The main power of the products is the Mediterranean spring water. A special blend of antioxidant extracts from olive, almond, and clementine leaves.

"Filler-Tech" strengthens and corrects damaged areas. A plant-based peptide that fills weakened areas in the hair with ingredients that correct its structure. Damaged areas are hardened and thickened throughout, making the hair elastic and intact. The fig extract will moisturize and fill the hair structure and soften it. Panthenol moisturizes and adds shine. Hydrogenated keratin and hydrolyzed rice protein fulfill the hair structure.

Over time, hair texture and appearance change. Hair becomes brittle and weak; they dry out and lose their shine. These may be external factors such as smog, chemical treatments, hair brushing, hair drying with a hairdryer, and iron finishing. Lifestyles such as poor diet, chaotic lifestyle, drug use, hormonal changes, stress. Aging physiologically and under the influence of the sun.

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Vitality´s Intensive Aqua Filler shampoo

The product is available.
Delivery weight: 350 g

Vitality´s Intensive Aqua Filler hair mousse

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Delivery weight: 200 g

Vitality´s Intensive Aqua Filler hair thickening treatment

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Delivery weight: 300 g