ENERGIA - Vitality´s Intensive Aqua Energia prevention for hairloss

Vitality's Intensive Aqua Energy products for hair loss prevention and scalp wellbeing. The products' active ingredient is a stem cell extract of apple, which stimulates hair growth and scalp circulation, balances the sebaceous gland, revitalizes hair loss, and balances the hair's life cycle.

Why does my hair leave?

Physical and emotional stress turns the body’s energies away from “not-so-important functions” - such as hair growth - to maintain vital organs in function such as the heart, lungs, and kidneys. When it is noticed that there is a significant amount of hair loss (however, about 100 hairs a day is the normal amount), its cause is probably already 6-9 months ago. That is why it is good to think about what has happened six months ago. Rapid weight loss, various dietary changes, and diets, stress, a traumatic experience, or some medication are the most common causes of hair loss in both women and men. Hair growth is also affected by numerous internal diseases and cosmetic causes, such as chemical treatments that can cause abnormalities in the hair structure. Also, hair loss may be due to a hormonal cause during pregnancy or discontinuation of women's birth control pills. Menopause also has a strong effect on hair loss. After hormonal changes, it is good to monitor hair growth for 3-6 months to balance hormone levels. Hair loss can also be hereditary, often triggered by hormonal disorders or stress. The thinning and balding of the hair, on the other hand, is because no new hair is created from the scalp - as is the case with normal shedding, but the hair usually grows back.

Treatment: A varied diet and supplements. Scalp stimulating shampoo and hair ampoules that strengthen the hair and increase surface blood balance the scalp. Also, a preventative hair washes stimulating shampoo before breastfeeding balances the scalp.

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Vitality´s Intensive Aqua Energizing Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

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Vitality´s Intensive Aqua Energizing Anti-Hair Loss Treatment

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