EQUILIBRO Vitality´s Intensive Aqua for oily scalp

Vitality´s Intensive Aqua Equilibrio oily scalp Products are invaluable in balancing the sebaceous glands, antibacterial and antiseptic treatment. The products' active ingredients are burdock extract, white clay, and salicylic acid, which reduce sebum secretion.

Why is my hair greasy?

Oily hair feels oily, oily, shiny, and may have a small pimple or wet and blackheads on the scalp, as a large amount of sebum raises the pH of the skin and increases the number of bacteria and microbes. Oily scalp skin is due to overactivity of the sebaceous gland in the hair follicle, so sebum is excreted more and faster than normal. Sebum forms and rises to the skin's surface from the hair follicle and then deposits on the "stem." Excess sebum production can be minor to severe and can occur in either liquid or waxy form. Excessive sebum leakage may be involved in premature hair loss, so it shortens the hair's life because sebum often accumulates inside and outside the hair follicle, causing the sebum to interfere with the hair's own life process. In this case, the hair may not get enough nutrients, and it is due to the fight to get through the sebum layer. In this case, sebum can suffocate the hair, and it comes off the scalp faster than normal.

Treatment: Oily scalp must be treated in a two-way process. First, excess sebum should be gently removed from the hair and scalp, for example, with an Equilibro clay mas to not o upset the hair's own moisture balance. Also, sebum production must be brought to its own balance with shampoo and balancing fluid. Ordinary soap is then unsuitable for washing hair because the basic soap foam mixed with hard water is difficult to rinse off and contribute to oily skin.


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Vitality´s Intensive Aqua Equilibro Sebo-Balancing Mask

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Vitality´s Intensive Aqua Equilibro Sebo-Balancing Shampoo

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Vitality´s Intensive Aqua Equilibrio Sebo-Balancing Treatment

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Vitality's Intensive Aqua Scalp Treatment Package For Oily Hair.

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