Alga Maris sunscreen

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Alga Maris, natural sun cream for the face. Sun cream contains protection and prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin. Sunscreen moisturizing and soothing, very suitable for susceptible skin. The product contains antioxidants that prevent skin damage caused by the sun's rays by neutralizing free radicals: protective agents titanium and zinc oxide. Alga Maris sun cream is waterproof, does not stick, and does not leave a white protective layer on the skin. The sun cream is light and easy to apply, so it fits well under makeup cream instead of day creams.

Sun cream is vegan, caring, and nourishing, and sunscreen your skin.
Sunscreen for face SPF 30 is designed for face and neck skin. Scented with coconut and shea butter. Light and colorless on the skin, but high protection.
Sunscreen for face SPF 50 is designed for face and neck skin. Fragrance-free. Light and colorless, but high protection.
Product variations
SPF 30
Aurinkosuoja: SPF 30
22.90 €
SPF 50
Aurinkosuoja: SPF 50
22.90 €

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